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We change houses!

Cantiere di ristrutturazione del nuovo capannone sostenibile per Basiliotti, azienda di packaging eco-friendly. Evoluzione verso la sostenibilità.
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A new sustainable plant.


Basiliotti – a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging known for the quality and innovation of its products – is ready to embark on a new path towards sustainability by moving its headquarters to a new state-of-the-art facility, an impressive 12,000 square meter complex located a few steps from the city of Pieve in the province of Perugia, focusing on renewable energies and environmentally-friendly production processes. This important innovation will bring significant benefits to the company itself and to the entire surrounding territory.


One of the main advantages of this expansion is the creation of new jobs in the area. Basiliotti is committed to ensuring gender equality by offering employment opportunities to men and women in equal measure. This represents a major step forward in the area’s work landscape, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

It is worth noting that the new plant is a true architectural gem, yet it is deeply entrenched in the past. The facility originally belonged to Perugina and was a tremendous job opportunity for many women in the past who would otherwise have been forced into farming or domestic work. This place has provided them with dignity and economic independence. Basiliotti fits perfectly into this virtuous tradition, seeking to continue with the same social commitment and enhancing the female figure also in the modern context.

Increasing warehouse space will allow for optimisation of the entire facility. More products will be stored, improving the logistics and distribution of the company. This will result in greater operational efficiency and the ability to meet customer needs even more quickly.

One of the main pillars of this new location will be the installation of solar panels for the production of clean energy. This choice will enable Basiliotti to reduce its dependence on traditional energy sources and to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The use of renewable energy will result in a more efficient and environmentally friendly company.

Another important aspect of the new plant will be the implementation of energy-efficient LED lights. This technology will significantly reduce energy consumption while ensuring superior lighting quality. In addition, the use of LED lights will ensure a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs, thus reducing the wasting of materials.

Basiliotti will also work to implement a closed-loop production system in order to preserve aquifers. Many industrial sectors are responsible for polluting water resources, but Basiliotti will put in place measures to prevent any release of pollutants. This system will ensure the recycling and reuse of water resources within the production process, while minimising the pollution of local aquifers.

In addition to physical changes, Basiliotti is also promoting a more environmentally conscious corporate culture. Awareness-raising activities will be organised for employees, such as courses on waste reduction, the correct use of energy and the importance of sustainability.

Relocation of the headquarters to a new sustainable plant demonstrates Basiliotti’s commitment to environmental protection and to the responsible use of natural resources. This step forward is an example of how companies can help build a more sustainable future, showing that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not contradictory goals.

Basiliotti sets an example for the industrial sector, demonstrating that innovative solutions can be adopted without compromising production quality and efficiency. The new facility will not only enhance the company’s reputation but will also help reduce its environmental impact and create a better world for future generations. Basiliotti is ready to pave the way for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

This important milestone can only be a source of pride for Basiliotti, that looks to the future with enthusiasm and determination, ready to seize all the opportunities that will appear. The expansion of the plant is only the first step in this new adventure and Basiliotti is ready to surprise once again with its professionalism and commitment to the production market.