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Experience and know-how
at the service of the customer

Basiliotti oversees all the phases of the creation of a product, from concept to distribution, guaranteeing competence, attention to detail and quality services in order to better meet the needs of each customer in terms of image and functionality.

Research and Development

Technology innovation study to improve products, create new products and implement manufacturing processes.

Projects & Design

Consultancy, analysis, graphic design, company logo restyling, printing system creation and rebranding.

Choose sustainable materials

Support in selecting the best sustainable materials produced through efficient processes with low pollutant emissions, ensuring long life and recyclability at the time of disposal.


Design and production of the prototype of a product, to perform the quality control tests.


End-to-end management of production flows by internalising all supply chain processes, better allocating and planning resources to avoid material waste in order to achieve cost reduction.

Quality control

Great care is taken in the various stages of inspection, testing and verification to ensure that a product conforms to the relevant quality requirements and specifications.

Warehouse management

Optimise warehouse management by implementing an efficient inventory system and using advanced technologies that enable precise tracking and rapid movement of goods, while minimising storage costs and waste.

Logistics and distribution

Logistics service with delivery between 24 and 72 hours throughout Italy and abroad, thanks to the optimisation of the warehouse.