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New corporate humanism

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The importance of empathy and human resources in the world of work.


New corporate humanism contrasts with the traditional vision of companies as mere machines to generate profit, instead placing the emphasis on creating a healthy, inclusive and ethical work environment.

It is an approach that focuses on human values such as the dignity, integrity and well-being of employees and corporate social responsibility. It is based on the knowledge that individuals are a key asset of a company and that their development and well-being are critical to long-term business success.

The goal is therefore to create a company that is not only profitable, but also a rewarding workplace for employees, where values of respect, equity and individual and collective well-being are promoted.

The “person” becomes the true engine of the company. If the individual feels part of an inspiring team, if they feel supported and encouraged in their professional and personal growth, then they will naturally be led to do their best and pursue common goals.

This includes a greater focus on work-life balance, empowering and enhancing employee skills, fostering trust and collaboration, and engaging employees in business decisions.

In addition, new corporate humanism is committed to environmental and social sustainability by adopting responsible practices that take into account the impacts of corporate activities on the environment and the communities in which they are enacted.

Basiliotti firmly believes in the happiness of its employees and does not consider their private life as something separate from the work context, but instead as an element that must be valued and encouraged.

The company promotes adaptable working policies, with more flexible working hours and opportunities for working remotely. In addition, corporate events are held that foster team building and a sense of belonging.

In conclusion, corporate humanism represents a real revolution in the world of work. Finally, people and their needs are put first, challenging the corporate world’s obsession with short-term profit.